Where can I find information about your Company?

A common question is - are we a real company or just an online seller?? How can we be trusted or know from the other billion companies online?

We certainly are real and our background starts way back in 1969.
NEHOCdirect was the online sales division for NEHOC Australia Pty Ltd, operating from
NEHOC Australia now specialise in importing/ manufacturing with NEHOCdirect Pty Ltd becoming a completely separate company 1st July 2010 to specialise in our online sales and support of customers worldwide.

Why did we split from NEHOC Australia? It became too complicated to keep our business separate and operate the accounts, plus we needed new web technology to pass onto customers (bulk buy discounts, PayPal payments, members specials, newsletters and specials + loads more) - it simply had to happen in order to ensure our customers kept being rewarded with lower prices by ordering online. So NEHOCdirect was created as a separate company.

NEHOCdirect Pty Ltd is an incorporated company founded 13th May 2010, operating since 1st July 2010, found on the Australian Securities & Investments Commission under our Australian Company Number 143 635 885, or ABN 86 143 635 885.
- Registered office is 20 Sunnyridge Place Bayview NSW 2104, with additional warehouses in both Warriewood and Mona Vale.

As a registered business we are trackable through the government (above) and bank locally with Commonwealth Bank of Australia. PayPal is also established as an authorised company.

Online we use website services and hosting (great service, massive website features at low prices!) as we maintain full control over the content and running of the site - updated daily.

Our payment SSL is provided by Worldsecuresystems as part of the Stealth99 operation, however actual online credit card payments are transacted through a high level SSL payment gateway using eWay who link straight into the Commonwealth Banks card processing computer - faster and less fraud!
(Your trying to see if we are real, you should see how many 'customers' try a fraud order with us each day!)

Of course the best way is to puck up the phone and contact us +612 9979 9105 (Sydney Australia time zone)

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