PayPal payment surcharge

NEHOCdirect reserve the right to charge a transaction fee for PayPal payments, called a payment surcharge - listed by PayPal as Sales Tax.

Paypal is a new payment option for NEHOCdirect customers and not our preferred method of payment, as PayPal fee's and charges are extremely high compared the the existing services NEHOCdirect already have in place from our bank.

We appreciate PayPal is a convenient service and method of payment for personal customers, however for business it is very costly when similar payment systems are duplicated.
Some of the products we supply are at cost (i.e. clothing) or at wholesale costs where profit margins are already very slim. The additional PayPal charges are not costed into the products.

Why do we charge when others don't?
NEHOCdirect is not an eBay business run at night and the weekends. We are an incorporated business with bank secured merchant facilities at a significantly lower rate than PayPal provide.
To avoid PayPal surcharge, use either the Credit Card (VISA & MasterCard) payment option or the EFT/ TT Bank Transfer payment Option.

Surcharge Rates
Australia: 3.4%
All Other Countries: 3.9%

PayPal payment option is new and we have received many comments on this issue - as always we welcome yours, have your say - Contact Us about this issue now . .
NEHOCdirect are always looking to improve our services and keep our costs low, if you can provide some valuable feedback on this topic we are grateful to receive it.