Introducing the new NEHOCdirect website

Welcome to NEHOCdirect's new online home. We’ve been busy listening to your feedback, e-mails and phone calls. Our all new shop is more than just moving the furniture and painting the walls, we have started building from the basement up, to make it easier when viewing, selecting, ordering and purchasing your NEHOCdirect products.

There really are too many new features to list, however you'll quickly discover all our hard work as you browse the new shop. Here is a short list of the main features and those we have upgraded, however the best way to see how we have changed is to enter the shop, add a few products to your cart and have a look at your order in the Shopping Cart..

What's new!

Products are grouped into catalogues, with a display of products within that catalogue listed. Click on the product to view the detailed large product layout with all the information, ordering options, large pictures and additional pictures where available.
New Products
The product range has expanded with similar products now been grouped together using a drop down option box that let's you to select the same product of a different size or a different colour. This saves having to find your item within 80 different versions of the same product i.e. clothing
'Bulk Buy' Volume Pricing
Yes we have been listening - the more you order the more you save. We supply trade quantities, wholesale products and pass on bulk buy pricing direct to you. Where Bulk Buy's are available, a notice is displayed with a full listing of price breaks only displayed on the Large Product page.
Customer Sign In/ Members Area
View order status, print invoices, view past orders, members only information, plus much more for our valued customers.
Members Specials
Specials rewards for our loyal customers with member Only specials and freight offers.
Delivery costs on Shopping Cart page
It's now simple and easy to see ALL the costs before you checkout. Select and change delivery options on the same page - simple, fast, easy and all up front.
Free Order Delivery
Free economy delivery for orders over $100 in Australia and orders over $150 anywhere in the world, excluding wholesale clothing, some members specials and some clearance items. Where free delivery is available, it will be listed as an available option from the drop down menu in the shopping cart.
NEHOCdirect now accepts PayPal payments for orders.
Add to cart beep has gone!
An overwhelming request was to remove the annoying 'beep' and confirmation pop-up each time you add an item to your cart, slowing your order placement. It may take some getting used to (as most websites have this function) however you can see the total of the cart change in the top right of the screen - plus if you add too many (or the wrong) items they are easily removed from the Shopping Cart before checkout by click Remove, or simple adjusting the quantity box.
Instant access to download manuals instruction sheets - many available free. Simply add the items to your order and it becomes downloadable as a link from your invoice!
Order Status
Check the status and progress of your order, print invoice copies and view past orders in the Members area.

Improved site

A faster server and software platform delivers pages and information to your browser quicker.
Easy navigation
Navigate the shop using a top menu with drop down sub-menu's, plus there are now breadcrumbs within catalogues for faster backwards navigation.
2 clicks
Any product is at most two mouse click away!
Easy forms
After you have registered, all forms are prefilled saving you time to submit an enquiry or order - no more having to retype information.
Easy delivery
Lower costs with a free delivery option (where applicable) is now available. Costs are displayed in the Shopping Cart (before you Checkout) so you can quickly change your freight option and see the costs displayed live.
Advanced Order View
The ability to view your order live, change quantities, remove items and add delivery is faster and much easier to view/ calculate - without having to enter the Checkout process.

New layout

How to Shop with NEHOCdirect

This is the homepage for the top level catalogues in NEHOCdirect - from here you can enter any of the catalogues and begin shopping.

1. Member Sign In

You must be Signed In to view Member specials, member pricing and receive Free Freight offers in the Checkout.

2. Main navigation menus

Click on these buttons to visit the top level of the catalogue, showing any sub-catalogues.
Hover your mouse to view the drop down menus.

3. Page breadcrumbs

See where you are within the site at a glance.
Can also be used to navigate backwards through a catalogue.

4. Product catalogues

Select the products you wish to view.

5. Quick links

Some commonly accessed links and information

6. Product search

Not sure what you are looking for, search the site.


How to shop

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Register before you shop

You must be registered to view members pricing and receive members freight offers. Newsletters and subscriptions are optional and not required to register.

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